At Coiffirst, a specialist in medium-long and long hair, we don’t cut hair, we redesign the shape. We create full cuts, picketing to create voluntary imperfections, instill strength and life in the hair. It’s all about angle and tilt to make the hair naturally reposition itself in a beautiful material and a pretty shape. Because a beautiful hair is a healthy, dense, shiny and alive hair.


For Colorists and Hairdressers-Creators Coiffirst, coloring serves above all to reveal the natural, to bring it shine and relief. Coiffirst has created the Hair Vernissage which develops an approach to brushes, a subtle work to emphasize a cut, give a material effect and subtly lighten the places where the sun would have illuminated certain strands. The colorist uses the existing bases, analyzes them, in search of a refined and light result.



After all our coloring, we add our oils to preserve the hair, revive its shine and give it more transparency. Our favorite product, Shard Coiffirst’s SublimatriceIve Care Oil, with chamomile oil and silk proteins, gently illuminates the hair, protects it and makes it surprisingly bright. In its glass case, it is a real perfume oil that you will enjoy applying every day, between two colors, to sublimate the shine of your hair.

“Coiffirst, the most beautiful hair in the world.”